Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rajon Rondo: "A deal is unacceptable 50-50"

Rajon Rondo has been reluctant to reduce further the share of BRI players . The Celtics player believes that a distribution of 50% is unacceptable: "We have already lost over 4% from the 57 we had in the previous agreement. We agreed to leave to earn 400 million dollars. The actors and other artists do not give 50% of their income. There is a business model similar to what the owners want, "he said.

The Celtics player wanted to highlight the players' union, despite rumors of internal fracture : "We are united.'ve been talking about this for a long time, we are ready. I read a couple of comments about what players are united but I think we're doing a great job of staying together. We are bored and eager to play, "he told the Boston Herald.

Rondo also believes, like his teammate Paul Pierce, the option of dissolving the union : "If we do, we will. It's a possibility if we consider the situation, but there you go day by day. Do not know what will to happen. "


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