Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Djokovic: "It was the worst game of the season"

The Serbian Novak Djokovic, world number one said after losing to David Ferrer in the Spanish Masters Cup in London which was the "worst part" of a season that had lost only four games so far.

"Give all the credit to my opponent," he said at the beginning of his press conference Djokovic, who said, however, that only Spanish resistance was planted on the concrete to the O2 Arena in London. "David (Foster) played very well, that is not in question, but I offered no resistance. I made many mistakes, I can not even see the statistics," said Djokovic, who reiterated that most players suffer from considered a season too long.

The world number one was made in the final tournament each year brings together the top eight ranked players in the physical discomfort dragging back and shoulder, although the player would not directly link his loss to any physical problem. "I can not explain it, nothing worked tonight. I could not pick up the pace to the game, just as if it had not been on the track," said Djokovic.

The world number one, winner of this year three of the four major tournaments on the circuit, said she could not name one single aspect of your game that was satisfied. "My movements, my sensations to hit the ball, anticipation on the track, everything was terrible," said the player, who in just one hour and a quarter saw the world number five earned him a second time in his career in a hard surface.

After criticism of its own performance, praised Djokovic tennis he displayed tonight David Ferrer, a player whose game "can be easily predicted: it is always focused, always in a very high level," said the Serb.


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