Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Resumption of negotiations to end the 'lockout'

Talks to end the 'lockout' is resumed on Tuesday, as revealed by Yahoo! Sports . The intention of the parties is to save the Christmas party, a true classic in the NBA. On Wednesday there is a new game.

Derek Fisher has not been part of the negotiators. Remember that the basis of the Lakers is no longer next to Billy Hunter, the players' union leader (NBPA) after the dissolution of the leadership. Carmelo Anthony would have filled the gap Fisher continued Yahoo! Sports.

It is very striking how the last meeting between the parties has gone unnoticed by the media, which until Wednesday had not been aware of it.

Does this mean that secrecy we're near the end of the lockout? We'll see. What is clear is that, if not reached an agreement by Friday , it will be impossible to save the landmark meeting of December 25 .

If you seal the deal on time and the league begins on Christmas, the season would have 66 games, according to the New York Times . A league spokesman said Wednesday that since the employers have always been open to a "consensual solution to the conflict".


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