Friday, November 25, 2011

The cat is a tiger

It happened on December 11, 2010. Almost a year ago. Mourinho began his pulse Valdano to sign a '9 'and dropped its particular Christmas message. "If you hunt and you only have one cat (Benzema), you must go with the cat. If you have a dog fighters more, but if you must go with the cat because the cat. Not going out alone," said .

The legendary phrase sounded Karim fierce criticism for its lack of goal, but coach always denied it. And that he was right. At that point in the season, the French had only six goals in 21 games. It was a very delicate moment for Benzema. Perhaps the hardest in his time as Real Madrid.

But following the clarion call of the technician, the cat became a tiger. Since Mourinho's famous phrase, Benzema has scored 32 goals in La Liga -21, six in the Champions League, Cup and a four in the Supercopa. The Frenchman has become a killer. Mou never doubted his quality, but his scoring to be a nine. Now there is no doubt. Benzema has exploded and scoring numbers fall short of the best scorers in the major European leagues.

Unless Messi and Cristiano, who play something else, the Argentine has 53 goals from 11 December 2010 and the Portuguese, 50 - as well as Mario Gomez (44) and Van Persie (36), that everything they touch it goal become a time now, Benzema than the other big scorers in the major European clubs. His 32 goals are a bar too high for Rooney, Kun, Villa, Falcao, Soldier, Cavani or Di Natale.

Benzema got down to work and scoring power has gone through the roof. Karim, that D-Day had 6 goals, finished the season with 26 (15 in the league, 5 and 6 in the Champions Cup). In this explosion has filmmaker confirmed as Real Madrid. Carries and scored 12 goals in all competitions he has played.

It is his second best start of the season after 13 goals he had in Lyon at this stage of the campaign season in 08-09, before making the leap to Madrid. In three months of competition, Karim has spent nearly half of goals throughout the previous season. And last year did not mark his goal number 12 until 19 February. Now the time has cut three months.

In Champions, where Karim has had more prominence, is the team's top scorer with four goals, ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo. Furthermore, the double against Dinamo managed, Benzema became the top scorer in European competitions French with Real Madrid. Zidane was tied with nine goals, but with the first falls on Tuesday alone.

"I'm fine mentally. I have confidence and I like it here. Every day I strive improved and everything will get better. I'm enjoying it now all I get it. I've forgotten the physical problems and now I have more continuity in my game, not I have to be dosed as before, "he says. It also showed his desire to play more often with Higuain: "We are both here to help.

Playing together has been very good. I understand perfectly with it. It shows that we are friends. There is no jealousy between us, we seek the best for the team. "
Benzema and now has the spotlight put on the derby on Saturday. The French already know what it is to mark the athlete wants to continue his good scoring form with the red and whites .


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