Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kobe will lose a minimum of three million dollars for the 'lockout'

The 'lockout' is basically a matter of money. Given the crisis hitting the global economy, or players nor owners want to give your piece of the pie and are not willing to lose money. Without realizing that they are already losing. The owners are failing to enter everything on television rights, tickets and merchandise to the halls during games. In return, they are not having to pay the salaries of its players who are beginning to see as they leave to enter their accounts for their payroll checks.

The NBA has canceled parties until December 15 minimum. And in the U.S. and talk about that later this week if no agreement (something quite unlikely given that no negotiation), it will also lose Christmas parties. If this occurs, players would no longer charge three of the 24 payroll entering the season. That is, 12.5% ​​of their salary.

In the case of players like Kobe Bryant (the highest paid in the league), and losses would amount to more than three million dollars (3.1 exactly). Angeleno guard charges of $ 25.2 million a year. Lakers teammate Pau Gasol, to give another example, entering leave $ 2.3 million of the 18.7 that would have to charge this season.


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