Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ferrer destroys the myth of the fast track

David Ferrer was with a bad taste last year's O2 Arena after losing all three games of Round Robin Masters Cup. It has taken that of Jávea recover and improve this result, because in his debut in this edition has given the 'bell' to subdue Andy Murray, who had never previously won on fast track.

"The difference between the fifth and tennis top four ranking is greater than between me and 20 because only small details set us apart." These words, spoken by an ever demanding of himself David Ferrer , reflect the reality of big tournaments, Grand Slams and Masters see 1,000, that have been distributed throughout the season between Novak Djokovic , Rafael Nadal , Roger Federer and Andy Murray . Precisely the Scot has been the victim of Alicante on his debut in this year's Masters Cup to bend by an aggregate score of 6-4 and 7-5 after two hours of play in a clash played at the O2 Centre Court.

The match began with both players nervous, something Fallon. By the time they could devote to the respectable version of its best tennis and the service had been broken once each. In Ecuador began to drop their arms. Murray, whose inside is one of the most precious of the circuit, shone with his right, with whom he struck with intensity and precision for the fun of an audience as sophisticated as delivered. Ferrer, a road surface and both shots, pulled daring to climb to the network and move your rival. The work, crumb to crumb paid off and the Scots came to the final section of the set cast. Therefore, he lost his serve accuracy (only 37% of former), forcing him to 'swim against the' before one of the best circuit subtractors. The Alicante learned to be patient and put the nail to his rival at the right time.

Murray asked the therapist track entrance, lay down on Centre Court Blue and received a massage to treat their back problems and the abductor of his left leg. Although static in their movements, could return to the mat and do battle in a set full of alternatives in which the rest returned to prevail in the service. The presumed caused relaxation of David Murray saw a favorable partial 2-0, yet failed to take advantage. The pupil of Javier Piles reacted in time, put that up over the pace he had used in the opening set and regained the downside acquired. He even had two balls to get to 4-2 and service. It was Murray who again, under the lead, managed to break the service of his rival again. Despite being ahead in the score, the sensations of Dunblane were not good. He looked sideways at his box, where he encouraged his 'coach' Daniel Vallverdú and trainer Jezz Green . Ferrer, constant in his script, again set foot on the accelerator in the final stretch, where his right was running short for his rival. No longer needed. Murray, 'touched' against an opponent who does not give a single ball as lost, over 'sunk' delivering the first victory, 200 points to 29,000 euros to a high pointing Ferrer. "Beating Andy in your home, indoors, leaves me very satisfied," said the winner of walking track yet.

With this victory, David said to improve the outcome of last year in the English capital and began to lead momentarily Group A shares, in addition to Murray, with Novak Djokovic and Tomas Berdych .


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