Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mou streak equals the best Guardiola

Mou's Real Madrid continues its triumphal march. The team wins and the coach is on track to close its best season, at least for results, waiting the arrival of the titles. By yesterday, the Luso has now 11 wins in a row, resulting in the best streak in his career.

And that Mou has not tired of winning teams he has directed, but the mother is being able to improve the numbers above. There are eight game winning streak in the league, yielding much better away than the club. Whites are the best in the league on the road, with five victories by two of the Catalans.

The 11-match winning streak of Mou also the best record in Guardiola at Barcelona. Now has the derby at the Bernabeu on Saturday to beat Pep.

Mestalla yesterday failed not technical nor white. And that was one of the toughest and most complicated games since arriving in Spain, since the Valencia squeezed every last breath. But they got the three points in a field where Mou always wins. He did it with Chelsea, then took the King's Cup against Barcelona and last year walked to the set of Emery with a 3-6.

Van 39 wins in 50 games
better Mou could not hold their 50 league matches with Real Madrid. Their numbers are almost unbeatable. In fact aa Miguel Muñoz matches with 39 wins, and over 36 Guardiola, but no one has done more goals in the history of the Portuguese white team with 144 goals.

And is that the scoring average Mourinho seems insurmountable. At this rate will exceed 107 as many Toshack team. With this rate would amount to nothing more and nothing less than 139 goals.

The Luso knew that victory was vital because the club had not failed at the Camp Nou. With the win yesterday the Madrid achieves its goal of keeping its distance from the eternal rival.

The coach is celebrating a big victories away from the Bernabeu. It was euphoric after winning Anoeta, but did not reach the end of yesterday. The Luso lost control over everything with both Christian. In his career for the band with his fist in the Alley found without a second thought and climbed into the back of the squad, who smiled on the bench.

Players will also be celebrated. They also managed to win the bet and not focus Mou against Dynamo Zagreb after five straight wins.


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