Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The 'double 9' is a thrashing machine

The formula of the double 9 is giving you a great result to Jose Mourinho. The pair Benzema, Higuain has become a magic potion for the Portuguese, who until recently has not stopped and there was little left rotarles to coincide in the field.

But the day of Osasuna, Mou realized that society Benzema, Higuain is a good solution. Before the Reds agreed 42 minutes on the field and Benzema scored twice. In addition, the game ended with a rout of scandal. Before the Zagreb completed his first full game and signed another three points. Karim El Pipita repeated double and scored the third . Overall in the last 132 minutes they have played together between Osasuna and Dinamo have five goals.

Before these two games, Higuain and Benzema had played just 79 minutes together. Time enough for both scored a goal being together in the field. Higuain scored against Getafe and Benzema, Barca in the return of the Super Cup. In total, the company Higuain, Benzema has scored seven goals in the 211 minutes that have played together.

Mou has all their heavy artillery in great shape. The trident of Madrid, consisting of Christian, Higuain and Benzema is a scoring machine. Between three and added 42 goals in 19 matches. 18 and the signature CR7 Pipit and Karim, 12. surpassed the previous record Pep The rout on Tuesday allowing the match Team Mou second best in its history for consecutive wins , 12 straight wins in the season 61-62, eight games League and European Cup four-from Madrid Miguel Muñoz. The best in the history of white set is 15 straight wins in the season 60-61. Furthermore, with this great sequence of wins, a record Mou than in front of Barcelona Guardiola, who won 11 in the 08-09 season.

On the other hand, the Madrid managed another record in the Champions League by becoming the fastest team that has scored four goals. He did it in 19 minutes and surpassed the record of Monaco to Galatasaray, at 25.


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