Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Eguren knee sprain

Right at the end of the trial trip, with the owners making a regenerative session and alternate training with more intensity, Eguren fell injured. It was in a completely random action with teammate Sergio Alvarez. Both fought a ball and what at first seemed it could be a simple knee to knee collision, he immediately noticed that could be more international in the case of Uruguay.

The gestures were more than obvious pain and was immediately attended to by Dr. Gonzalo Revuelta, who made his way to the locker room. In the absence of radiological evidence to be submitted for the player between today or tomorrow, the first diagnosis is the sprained left knee, the result of a bad turn of the joint.

If confirmed, Eguren could be at least one month away from the pitch. At the moment, and pending that may be less, it would be doubtful for Sunday's clash with the Levant at 16.00.


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