Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Paul Pierce: "If I move will be to play in Spain or in Italy"

The 'lockout' keeps NBA players on edge. Your future is in the air and do not know if there will eventually be seasonal or not. Just in case some have already packed their bags and signed by foreign teams to play as long as the 'lockout'. Others prefer to wait and exhaust all avenues to try to save the season. In the latter group is Paul Pierce.

The Celtics forward remains hopeful and optimistic in the face of there season. And she said in an interview at Yahoo. "I am optimistic that there will be seasonal. People ask me every day and take two months ensures that the new agreement would be signed within two weeks. Now that I think something will happen and that can be solved. There is too much at stake" .

However, Pierce did not want to leave anything to chance but so far had not thought of playing overseas, now beginning to assess this possibility. "I'm starting to think about it. I love basketball and if the season is canceled and I finally started looking at all options. Including playing abroad. If in mid-December we have close positions, it's time making a decision, "announces the Celtics player.

A decision for which only handles two possible destinations. "If I move will be to play in Spain or Italy. I've been in both countries and have the two best leagues, "Pierce replied to the question of Internet users interested in knowing where to play.


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