Friday, November 25, 2011

The owners could pose a new ultimatum to the players

We wait 147 days to settle the 'lockout'. And nothing. Thousands of hours of meetings, approaches, breaks, disqualifications ... So far all the chapters have followed a cyclical script was repeated over and over again (the famous 'Groundhog Day' from 'Groundhog Day') and have not resolved the conflict. An argument can be repeated again this time.

The next meeting will be considered final (nth time you use this adjective) for the future of the NBA. If no agreement before the end of the weekend, the season is in serious danger (Does that sound?) Suspension. However, there are reasons for optimism and the few details that have transpired in recent meetings is that the parties have approached their positions. It perfectly fulfills the second chapter of this saga: the approach.

Now touch the final break. And unfortunately for basketball fans, it seems that once again the negotiation will follow the script set.

As ESPN says, the owners are willing to improve the conditions of its latest offering in the points system in which there is disagreement. However, despite their good intentions, seem to have chosen the best negotiating tactic.

One of the complaints of the players has been that the owners and the league did not want to negotiate and have closed their positions. Something that can be repeated after the next meeting and, according to ESPN, Stern will present the offer of the League as a new ultimatum, leaving the players the decision to fix the situation.

The athletes do not seem willing to accept a new call for the League and there could be returned to break off negotiations. Although the owners will improve the conditions of its offer.

Among the conditions that the league is willing to improve is the so-called 'mid-level exception'. The existing agreement for the 'midlevel exception' of 5 million annually for four seasons happen to be 3 million a year and a maximum of three campaigns.

But the owners want to ban the teams to pay the luxury tax may use this exception to sign. For its part, the players ask for a 'mid-level exception' complete contracts each year and four seasons of life.

According to CBS, many owners would be willing to compromise on this point in exchange for getting players to accept the equal sharing (50/50) of the famous BRI. Among the franchise owners would accept this agreement as long as the League would start the owners of Heat, Magic, Celtics, Knicks and Lakers , who would have joined some of the representatives of so-called hardliners as Robert Saver, owner of the Suns.

However, there are other owners who prefer the more hostile way and are not willing to settle the division of the BRI , but do not want to make any further concession in the system. They argue that now that the games will be lost, a more rigid convention is the only way to mitigate losses.

For there may come the break. Well, by and by the attitude of 'take it or leave it' that the players are not willing to accept.


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