Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Juan Martin del Potro: "We have a dream and the dream of winning the Davis Cup"

Juan Martin del Potro holds the No. 1 Argentine Davis Cup team from the same previous training. Del Potro, who has signed an exquisite season, is hoping to put the finishing touch to it with the achievement of the first Salad for Argentina. He says he is training hard to get to Seville in the best possible conditions and says that before dreaming of victory, it's up to think of David Ferrer, his first opponent on the clay of La Cartuja.

Juan Martin del Potro welcomes the first days of training under the command of Tito Vazquez, although he confesses that his adaptation to the clay is slower than if it were another area of ​​play: "To me it is an area that costs me a couple of days more adaptable, but I think everything is going well, that's good that we started with training and time to be together to prepare the final. " On stage that the team will wait in Seville Argentine Del Potro expected encounter "a very slow surface, perhaps even more than he likes Rafa Nadal himself over with a cold climate. They are the conditions that put game and we go with time to adapt in time. "

Asked about a hypothetical fifth point against Nadal, 'Delpo' pulls balls out: "The match with Nadal would be on Sunday. If we get to that day with 'chance' is good, but I am thinking only of the match with Ferrer on Friday, which is what I have clearly going to play. Once you finish the first day, the arm the team captain for the rest of the series, "he says. And is that the trained Tandil doubles Wednesday "a discipline that helps me," leaving the door open to be able to play Saturday's clash. "I always say I'm ready to play what I play. Obviously I'm signed up for the 'singles' but if the captain needs me I'll be ready in the doubles. To do this I played the last tournament of the season," he says.

Del Potro did not hesitate to point out that to bring the company to fruition, you need to play at his best: "Even better than what I did to Serbia. Both myself and the group." The albiceleste concludes that "we have the dream of winning the illusion as well. I'm not going to raise the Cup because if Argentina wins will not matter who has it in hand. We are in another final and it is important to take the dimension of it. If lose, do not think you can classify the year as bad. Try to make the best series possible. "


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