Sunday, November 20, 2011

Xumetra gives victory to Elche with a goal of real crack

The Elche took the three points of the match he played against a Deportivo that came with the spirits through the roof on his victory in the derby Galician. The group took the lead Elche on the scoreboard with a favorable income of two goals, but tied the game Oltra. In 69, the final victory Xumetra gave his own with a real great goal. Depor's players complained about a hand in the area of ​​the collegiate Pelegrin did not whistle.

The Deportivo came into the game with higher morale after beating Celta Riazor last Sunday. Oltra be available again Guardado and chose to rest on Valeron, who left in the bnaquillo. When the canary is missing, the team will note, a lot. The game started with a very high rate and the two teams going to send in the result. After a major intervention of Juan Carlos Guardado in a lack dumped on the edge of the area, beat his opponent Elche.

Four minutes to revolutionize a game
in four minutes, scored two goals ilicitanos a Aranzubía that on this occasion, it emerged as the hero of his team. The author's first goal was Angel, who after a great pass inside Nicki Bille beat Deportivo goal. The ball hit the bat before getting into the goal. Only three minutes later, Acciari commanded the back of the net the ball with an accurate header from a corner exit. Shortly before finishing the first part, Xumetra warned of what came in the second half with a great play in which he left several of the defenses of Depor. On this occasion, the action did not end in a goal by lack of success of the top lever.

The goal from the day's work Xumetra
In the second half, the visitors went out for his good side, that which does not usually give their games away. Lassad saved first and then tied the game. In 52 ', Guardado scored the first goal-white with an accurate shot from outside the area, while just minutes later it was Lassad which, taking advantage of a Mexican trip reject, put the equalizer on the scoreboard.

When they were still celebrating, Xumetra marked the goal of the day probably emulating the large cracks. The player is left to finish the entire defense and Aranzubía racing to score the victory that gave the team Elche. The arbitrator also took place in this party to cancel two goals against Deportivo, both well canceled, and no whistle a penalty by the hand of Pelegrin, bad decision taken. With this result the Elche get into play-offs and out of those positions to his rival.


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