Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Argentina is trained thinking of the Davis

Just eleven days after the Davis Cup final, Argentine tennis players train in Buenos Aires and the orders of Tito Vazquez with a focus on obtaining first time in its history the Davis. On Monday, in the clay courts of Tennis Club Argentino in Palermo, will be together David Nalbandian, Juan Martin del Potro, Juan Monaco, Eduardo Schwank and Juan Ignacio Chela. The Argentinians will train there until Thursday when undertaking the trip to Sevilla. All trainings will double shifts and coach Tito Vazquez have the opportunity to begin the development of strategies that face the 'Armada' Spanish.

Juan Martin del Potro is optimistic about the Davis Cup final. So said on Sunday on ESPN radio: "The end is to enjoy it, live quietly and not help thinking that is very deserving to be back in a definition, having earned visitors to Serbia in the semifinals. Obviously we will try to win Spain. If we are all able, we can play as equals and then see what happens. They are favorites, but we, with faith and hope we can win too. "
Teammate David Nalbandian will arrive on Monday in Buenos Aires after training for a few days in Cordoba. And this morning the Argentines and practice together. On Tuesday they intend to meet the press at a conference held at the sellevará Lawn Tennis. The Argentine players and the final throb.


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