Sunday, November 20, 2011

The NBA, the best gift for Christmas

The United States. The land of opportunity. Where dreams written in screenplays come true. And that is precisely what can happen with the 'lockout'. A conflict between players and owners that keeps stopping the best league in the world and can be endless, notes from the United States on Christmas Day. Even the best Hollywood scriptwriter would have written the same.

Both the league and the players are adamant in their proposals and do not think giving one iota. The conflict seems more bitter than ever. However, as pointed to the CBS, these positions would not be more than a pose. A bluff. As noted by U.S. media both parties would be working together to try to reach an agreement and start the league on Christmas Day.

In fact, two people familiar with the League have said that both players and owners still hope to save Christmas and has already been contacted to work together to return to the negotiating table and try to reach a solution. Even a third party has confirmed that the League has already spoken with suppliers and other parts of the business to be ready for that date if they can resolve differences.


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