Tuesday, November 22, 2011

LeBron: "I understand why people get angry when I went to Miami"

It has been over a year since LeBron announced 'The Decision' to leave the Cavaliers and go to Miami. However, many fans in Ohio are asking the same question: Why? James used his trip to England to give an interview to 'The Guardian'. A talk in which the superstar showed its most sincere and explained the reasons which led him to move to Florida and how it has survived the criticism during all this time.

"I made the decision because at that moment I thought was best. I thought it was something I was going to make you happy and also needed a change. But looking back I can understand why people are angry. Although it was never my intention "James explains in the interview. Perhaps then, if I could turn back, it would change some of the circumstances surrounding the announcement of his departure. "There are better ways to do things as I did. Above all, with the theme to announce my departure on television. I know that many people felt offended and apologize for it."

'King' James also used to talk about their former president, Dan Gibert, and the conflict he had with him since he left the franchise in Ohio. "I think Gilbert speaks from anger. I have to vindicate my decision and why his words did not take them personally. As a professional athlete will tell a lot about me, but I have to look forward." A future that does not rule out coming back the name of the Cavs. "Nothing is impossible. I love the city and I have very fond memories of the Cavaliers fans."

But that will come later. Now this is marked by the 'lockout'. LeBron has been present in some of the meetings between players and owners and, therefore, knows what stage the negotiations have broken down. "I remain optimistic that eventually there will be another season this year. Both parties are aware of how important the sport of basketball and we know that the fans are what make this possible, so without them there is nothing and no we let them down. All we want to reach an agreement. "

Whether or not this year's season, LeBron has only one goal in mind: the championship ring in the NBA. Last season it was on the verge of achieving it. Only an imperial Mavericks Nowitzki prevented that. A tough loss for which cost him recover. "It took me two days to digest what happened, but stayed with me for two months. I think it made me a better player. It has taken me to be critical of my game and work to improve and try again." Word of the 'King'.


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