Friday, November 25, 2011

The End of 'nuclear winter' of the NBA lockout?

The end of the nuclear winter of the NBA lockout could be close. Surprisingly close after two days of almost secret meetings by the NBA and the players. Of the accusations in public statements and the crossing has been passed to a low profile that seems to have paid off: the option to have NBA Christmas, key date in the calendar , takes more strength than ever, and already is considering the option a possible schedule of 66 games.

The total renovation of the partners on both sides seems key to understanding the radical who have given the negotiations and that should bear fruit after the 'break' must Thanksgiving (Thursday November 24) to ensure NBA on Christmas Day . From the time when the resumption of negotiations on Friday lockout will enter a critical period of 72 hours trying to unlock the lock by Monday with a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

Both parties resumed on Tuesday negotiations to silently, as revealed on Wednesday, Yahoo!, and after a second meeting on Wednesday, the players' lawyer said on Friday it would resume meetings.

When you have dissolved the union , via 'disclaimer of interest ', and have legal action involved, the immediate objective of owners and players is to reach an agreement to park before the courts that justice is rendered. This pact would be the first big step and would mean that the agreement to sign the new CBA was imminent with some concessions from owners to players, who agreed to lower its profit in the BRI from 57% to 50%.

If both parties reach an agreement on Friday or during the weekend, the NBA could start accelerating Christmas Day marked the initial steps since according to David Stern confirmed it takes about 30 days to put the machinery in motion: to draft and approve the new CBA, open the transfer market and make a mini season (of the four parties could pass under two) before the starting gun.

If no agreement is reached this weekend, the picture will intensify next week as expected the intervention of a federal judge in Minnesota.


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