Friday, November 25, 2011

Räikkönen 12 million requested to return to Formula 1

Kimi Raikkonen's return to Formula 1 is becoming more complicated. His signing by Williams seems to have disappeared this week after a bank in Qatar, with Renault could finance his return to the circuit, has decided not to go into operation.

Frank Williams wanted the return of the diamond with engines next year had been done in a pilot champion, to relive those golden years of the early 90's. However, the salary he asked Kimi, some 12 million euros, has made it impossible to reach any agreement with the English team.

They are not the times to pay such amounts to a pilot who has two years off the track and whose performance is unknown, while it is secure no involvement and his fondness for the nightlife. So, Williams will have to settle with the new Finnish talent Valeri Bottas, putting money coming, and Sir Frank likes. The boy has not been anything wrong with the GP3 and can give acceptable performance.

Thus, only one option left for the return of Kimi, Lotus Renault decides to make an effort to hire the 2007 champion to meet the low of Robert Kubica, who starts as likely to be the beginning of the year.

Incidentally, the Polish manager Daniel Morelli, denied that Robert said he was not going to start the 2012 season: "He changed the words. We said that we are not sure test in February, but not for the beginning. " In Lotus Renault said yesterday off the record: "In our department of communication are not idiots. The words were consensual." Kubica gets away and unless Räikkönen at the last minute, Grosjean seems the obvious choice to accompany Petrov. It does have money and therefore the seat almost assured.

Some say in the paddock that can stop Genii Capital to own the team and that could change things. If Lotus takes all the power in the England squad, could return to crystallize the option of Raikkonen, in the absence of pay will apply for a share of stock in the team. We must start preparing for the future.


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