Sunday, November 20, 2011

Torres, who won in memory of his brother

Some few days ago, as every year, Jordi Torres had to curse a date marked in your memory too. On October 8 chases the Torres family since 2006. That day, Reuben, George's younger brother, died after suffering an accident in Barcelona. He disputed a Supersport race in the Championship of Spain and Ruben, soon after the start, fell to the ground, being hit by several rivals inadvertently. The most serious injuries in the chest and head ended his life. In that race his brother George, unaware of the tragedy, came to play the third set. As he floated with the bike through the curves of Montmelo, his brother breathed his last in the General Hospital of Barcelona.

Today, Jordi his brother gave him a heartfelt title. Torres, Moto2 champion, crossed the finish line under the pan of the line and stopped Suter Jerez at the end of the line. He unfolded his usual number 18 and turned it into a makeshift 9 Ruben looked like that when competing in the fairing. George looked at the sky, overcast, and raised his arms pointing to 'small' wherever they were. The best gift of his life to the dearest person in his life.

"I want to thank the whole team, my family and the people who supported me. This to me is a dream come true, "he noted later, just down from the podium. Jordi, who this season played some races in Moto2 with Mapfre Aspar team, won their dream European Championship took no such illusion- be champion of Spain with Team Laglisse Jaime Fernández-Avilés. It's back to his teammate, Carmelo Morales, who last year won the crown in the same category.

The rain was no match for Torres. It was his day. And the water could not drown their illusions. There was no need to mark close to Morales. It was worth almost complete. The dream was very close. For him, his brother, his father, a broken chin that first got on a bike, pocket bike with a six. I did not know or ride a bike and the first curve left chin. Yesterday was able to close all its scars.


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