Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coaches urge owners and players to end the conflict in the NBA

The union executive director of NBA coaches , Michael Goldberg has sent a letter both franchise owners and players to meet again for talks and thus end the lockout that forced the party suspended regular phase until 15 December.

Goldberg reiterated in his letter to the parties involved in this conflict to be trying to "save" this season , as it understands that no dispute "would cause a self-inflicted economic blow to a company that over the years and through hard work players, owners and employers has become a great global brand, but like any company that operates in the weak current economic climate, is likely to grow and not fall. "

After the players dissolved their union and the employers who have not negotiated , while the players have filed lawsuits against paths employers, the union's executive director of coaches believe that this break is " a huge mistake and a blow to any sport . "

" No time to lose . History has shown that all sports labor disputes are resolved in the long run. There is no doubt that all parties are concerned about their economic welfare. But all involved must think now more than their personal interests, reviewing daily financial headlines, and work with the aim of finding a negotiated solution now, "concludes the letter.


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