Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ramalho is the first black player in the Athletic

It was the 87th minute and the body of Inigo Perez said enough, had enough. Bielsa had Toquero ready to go by Fernando Llorente, but reacted quickly and ordered to enter Ramalho, who thus became the first black player making his debut against Athletic in an official match.

The son of an Angolan immigrant and a Biscayan, Jonas Ramalho Chimeno born in the Cruces Hospital June 10, 1993, but grew up in the neighborhood getxotarra Romo and is one of the options clearer future is in Lezama.

Not surprisingly, along with his 'brother' Iker Muniain, have made the whole race together, Athletic, debuted on February 27, 2008 in Urritxe served in a friendly for both were playing their first minutes on the first team. Joaquin Caparros was about to make his debut, especially in a Champions League match against Werder Bremen in San Mamés, but only heated in the range of the Cathedral.

European Champion with Spain sub'19 last summer, along with Aurtenetxe, was exultant. "I was satisfied to go Bielsa cited, but far better debut. Ever had been summoned, but I've been fortunate to debut and I have to thank Mr. It was a great debut for the team has won , which is important, but now we all have to keep working, "he said.

Ramalho dedicated the landmark "especially my family and friends and the entire Athletic in general. Wrap up now and keep the shirt, of course, but just think to continue training hard," he acknowledged.

Also admitted that he was a little strange to have to play a position that is not theirs, as he usually works in the subsidiary right side: "I was caught a bit of a surprise to have to play in midfield, but always you have to do it right where you put the boss. "


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