Friday, November 25, 2011

"12 years ago also seemed very difficult to win"

A little over 12 years, more than 4,400 days, that Atletico have not won a derby. The last time I did was on 30 October 1999, the last century. Since then he has had time to descend to Atletico Second, to rise again, to Florentino Perez became president of Real Madrid with Figo's hand, to come out and come back to come as a Messiah. A Torres reported as red and white star and then go out looking for a better future, like Aguero. All this and much more has happened since they beat Atletico 1-3 in Chamartín by. Along the way, 30 teams have won at Madrid Spanish in either competition at least once. Atletico, no.

Although it may seem that this derby paint from the start much more even than now, Santi and Valeron, players of that template Atletico deny it. "No we got it. That day seemed also very difficult to win because we were not in good time. I think all the derbies are very similar," says Santi, who watched from the bench as his colleagues traced the initial goal Morientes. "At that time we were not very good. It was a little surprise but derbies are always that uncertainty," said Valeron, who played the last half hour, and with the score 1-3 after two goals from Hasselbaink and Joseph Mari.

Both agree that the very strong to reach Madrid match on Saturday and that the athlete will have to be careful about attacking the rival power. "In the situation of Madrid, Atletico has to make a perfect match in every way, especially defensively. And offensively exploit the opportunities they have," says the former Atletico Central, who believes that's what made the difference in Atletico's last victory at the Bernabeu. "The key was the effectiveness in attack. I do not remember we had many chances but we were effective."

"Right now Madrid's potential is very large, reaching a large fitness and be leaders, but it's a derby and although they are the favorites, Atletico is always comfortable in these matches," said the canary, which appeals the unpredictability of the athlete to prevail in a derby which comes as a victim.

Both recognize what is winning at Madrid in their own stadium. "For Atletico was a very important victory and offered it to the fans," says the player of Deportivo. "It's always important to win away from home and at the Bernabeu is twice as nice. In those games the player sobremotiva," says Santi. Atletico has reason to believe in victory at the Bernabeu: Neither did 12 years ago at its best and the story is already known.


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