Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Raul Garrido, punishable by 2 games

The second Villarreal coach Raul Garrido, who was ejected in the match that his team played last Saturday at home against Betis, has been suspended two games by the Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

As stated in the official report drawn up by the referee Muniz Fernandez Alonso, Garrido was expelled for "repeatedly and angrily protest his arms raised, my decision."

Addition, midfielder Franco Moroccan Abdelaziz Barrada, Getafe has been banned for one match.

Barre was ousted in the 62nd minute of the match Sporting Gijon-Getafe (2-1) which was played on Sunday for two bookings.

Two other players have been suspended one game for accumulation of yellow: Miguel Torres and Alvaro Getafe Racing.


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