Sunday, November 20, 2011

The 'Swiss Express' stops on the Thames

Roger Federer signed the first Masters Cup victory 2011 to subdue Jo-Wilfred Tsonga in the opening match for Group B and the competition they share with Rafael Nadal and Mardy Fish. The Swiss, current defending champion, continues to extend a streak that now reaches 13 straight wins.

Roger Federer in London reached win number 60 of the season (72 games played) to be imposed on Jo-Wilfried Tsonga by an aggregate score of 6-2, 2-6, 6-4 after an hour and twenty minutes of play the clash played on Center Court to the O2 Arena. The focus of modernist lit London campus to focus on two of the players in form this season. In just 22 minutes and had consumed the first act. With little muss, showing practical, decisive and aggressive at peak times, Federer took a step forward in the game. The superiority and speed with which they consumed the service games were only altered by the concatenation of unforced eerrores by the Frenchman. In the fourth game gave her first break in white with a double blow to the hall and right past revolutions in the eighth in the afternoon returned to 'give' a break in white with a double fault.

The interval that was used to search through the stands Spidercam VIP's and celebrities. He stopped several times focusing on the face of Thierry Henry , French footballer invited the Swiss box, where he shared views with Vavrinek Mirka , Federer's wife, Severine Luthi , Switzerland's Davis Cup captain and assistant exnúmero 3 1 in the world, or Paul Annacone , coach of Basel). Is shocked to see the reaction of Tsonga in the second act, where the Frenchman was able to return part of his opponent 6-2. He did it thanks to a delicious hit with his right, which hit as if it were the legendary Ali 'with which it has seemed more than reasonable. Two breaks in the third and sixth games were sufficient income to bring it to a third party set.

Federer had never won a deciding set to Tsonga (0-3), but once had to be the case. Federer returned from his tour of mind when the party required that special touch that can only give a select few. The balance is moved from side to side until Roger decided to pull out of the hat his backhand. It was in the tenth game, the rest, when he learned to put added pressure to Tsonga, despite having done their homework so far, failed to pass the bar examination. A break at the time of the match was enough to star in Federer's first tournament victory of the teachers. The first 200 points and 89,000 euros for the event are already on the payroll of the 'Swiss Express'.


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