Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Internet users 'request' in Portugal and France in the Euro

More wood. People want a tough group and morbidity to open mouth at Euro 2012. According to a survey of with over 45,000 votes, Russia, Portugal and France would be preferred for appointment rivals in Ukraine and Poland.

At least that is what emerges from the results, which are unquestionable. Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal is the third favorite team hype ahead of Greece, Sweden and Croatia.

Spanish fans might seek revenge after the 4-0 the last friendly, but not sure the Lusitanian forget their KO in the second round of the World Cup in South Africa. Moreover, Portugal was left to the red of the rooms at Euro 2004, held in his country. Come on, that there are outstanding bills for both sides.

On the fourth hype, Internet users are choosing France discarding theoretically more affordable rivals such as Ireland, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

It is recalled that Spain has lost all five games he has played official to the Gauls: the final of Euro 84 (2-0), the two parties in the qualifiers for Euro 92 (3-1 and 1 - 2), the quarterfinals of Euro 2000 (2-1) and eighth World Cup in Germany in 2006 (3-1).

However, the balance sheet, counting friendlies, is favorable to the red by 13 wins to 11. In addition, France is Spain's rival in the qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup. Georgia, Finland and Belarus complete a group in which only the first will be the ticket for the event insured second-placed Brazil as going to the playoffs.

On the second kick, Russia-which has already defeated twice in Euro 2008 - is quite clearly chosen rival ahead of Germany, England and Italy. In this case it is noteworthy that international football, a great favorite for the title with La Red, imposes less respect than Capello's England and the rocky but less talented than at other times transalpine selection.

Anyway, the draw on December 2 in Kiev and will pronounce sentence when checking if fortune is allied with ours.


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