Friday, November 18, 2011

Nadal: "Nobody is perfect forever"

Rafael Nadal faces starting Sunday in the Masters Cup final stretch of a season as very good, but it has been a great wear, why what is left of the tracks for a few days before appearing in London.

"I felt I needed a little train stop, recover physically and mentally, and I did. The season has been very long," the number 2 in the ATP rankings. The hardcourt tournament on each year brings together the eight best players in the world is the penultimate big event of 2011 for the Spanish, 25, also to be in the Davis Cup final in December will face Spain and Argentina in Seville, to end a season that has been very long. "This is the seventh year that I am among the first in the world, without lowering almost at any time, and we are years to be with the head to one hundred percent all the time. It takes a mental wear, especially with how long it is the season, "said Nadal.

Spanish has played this year, three Grand Slam finals, of which he won at Roland Garros and lost the other two, Wimbledon and U.S. Open, both against Serbian Novak Djokovic, who took the world number one in the grass London. "It was the perfect year, but very good. We must not dramatize.'m Number two and the season has gone very well, but perhaps, at times, I've missed a bit. It can be mental fatigue," Nadal said. To get rid of fatigue, the player spent two days with his family at the theme park Disneyland Paris to return to being "rested" and faced with the greatest "illusion" one of the few competitions that still is not on his resume.

Last year, Nadal lost the final of the Masters against Swiss Roger Federer, the time that has been closer to become a tournament played on indoor hard surface, conditions "somewhat less favorable" to the Mallorcan tennis player for his rivals. The team to beat this year is Djokovic, world number one, who this season "has given the impression of being unbeatable," admitted Nadal. "Nobody is ever perfect. Neither Federer or Djokovic will play seven years at the same level. Federer did things that seemed impossible but sooner or later we all end up going down," said Spanish.

The world No. 2 said that the defeat against Serbia in the Wimbledon final was one of the hardest moments of the season, a trance from which flow "touched and tired." Nadal, however, draws some lessons from a tough year: "That was a good loser and I knew it. That could continue to endure despite the defeats as well. So I did. Maybe I believe has been lacking a bit, go a little beyond, "tested the player.


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