Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oscar de la Hoya is the secret weapon in the Houston Dynamo MLS final

The legendary Oscar de la Hoya , a minority shareholder of the Houston Dynamo, will support the team's players before the grand finale of the MLS against the Galaxy, with a motivational talk as if they were to board a world title fight. The former Boxer said it plans to lower the team's dressing room at the Home Depot Center minutes before the game to share and try to help the Texas box that goes from victim to Angelenos, big favorites.

"I will definitely be with them to try to motivate them. They have the hunger and believe in winning the trophy. I think a few words of my experience as an Olympic medalist and world champion can help a bit," he said. "The Galaxy has great players, but I am confident that our boys can do, "said Golden Boy. De La Hoya, now dedicated to the promotion of major events boxing, hails from California, so he confessed that he always supports the teams in Los Angeles, but not this time. "I grew up in Los Angeles, so always support city teams. However, this Sunday only there will be blood orange Dynamo in my veins."


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