Friday, November 18, 2011

China takes slice of the lockout and mounted their particular NBA

Aaron Brooks has become the latest NBA League anchor in China, which begins this weekend, to come to terms with the Guandong for a year and two million dollars. But it will almost certainly last. The Xinjiang Flying Tigers are also moving fast in the market to supply the injured Quincy Douby low and fixed in JJ Barea, the NBA champions with the Dallas Mavericks and Jamal Crawford.

The list of NBA players in China continues to increase gradually to await the arrival of a superstar. Although this will not be canceled until the NBA all season that the league and China, unlike other leagues do not allow NBA players include an exit clause if the lockout is resolved except for the players themselves as Chinese Yi Jianlian.

For now all NBA players that have come ashore in China are free agents and could have made a great play: high contracts have been signed, the season ends in March and could return to the NBA to play in the playoffs if the lockout is resolved .

Thus, China, with over 300 million basketball fans, rubs his hands with the lockout while still fattening the payroll of players that arrive in their league. Brooks played in the Guangdong Tigers with Yi Jianlian (free agent from the Wizards), Lester Hudson (who played for Washington in 2010-11) and former NBA Fred Jones.

There will be measured from the three former Nuggets Kenyon Martin (Xinjiang Flying Tigers), Wilson Chandler (who joined Zhejiang Guangsha and three million dollars), JR Smith (Zhejiang Lions), Stephon Marbury (as with the Shougang Beijing Ducks play their third season in China), Dan Gadzuric (Jiangsu Nets), Josh Powell (Liaoning Panpan Atlanta), Randolph Morris (former Knicks and Hawks) and Luther Head, Kings basis of which this week signed to Jiangsu Nangang Dragons of.

The following give the jump in China could be Rodney Stuckey (Pistons), Shane Battier (Grizzlies free agent) or Delonte West.


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