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"Mandela and Nadal are connected by their discipline, ambition, rigor and energy"

Nadal's family came to the door of John Carlin to write the first biography of the world No. 2. In it, among the English journalist and tennis Balearic retrace the life of it, both on and off the track, highlighting memorable moments as the 2008 Wimbledon final, the achievement of 'Grand Slam', the importance of the Davis Cup or Rafa's addiction for olives.

He wrote a biography of Nelson Mandela and the other on Rafael Nadal. What parallels between these two figures?
There are more things that divide than unite them, but they are two globally known figures who have achieved excellence in their respective fields and have shown tremendous discipline, ambition, rigor and energy they have invested in achieving its objectives. In both books there is also a sports epic moment clearly highlighted that in the case of Rafa is the Wimbledon final in 2008 against Roger Federer. One can say that there are certain connections between these two characters.

He has been lucky enough to live with Rafa in the privacy of his family. What would you highlight from that experience?
I am aware that I have been privileged because I have opened the doors of his house, and they are people who value their privacy. I've spoken with his entire family (grandparents, uncles, father, mother, ...) and that has given me the opportunity to understand both the environment as Rafa himself. From him I am surprised that his personality off the court has little to do with Gladiator and tireless warrior you see when you are competing and displayed as a sensitive, respectful, polite and very sweet in his nature. There is a large contrast between the public figure and sportsman and he as a person.

Besides tennis, what other issues are addressed in these talks?
We talk about football! Rafa is a fan of football, but not only Real Madrid and the Spanish league, but who knows and is aware of the latest addition to the German League ... He may be in Australia, if there's an important game, gets up at 5.00 to see ...

It is noteworthy that account in the book that does not like ham ...
I always maintained that what united all the Spanish was the ham, but Rafa, a Spanish emblem and symbol, does not like nor the ham and the cheese. But I do not like olives. We have a story about when I was little and ate an amazing amount of olives was three days with a sore tummy. His addiction persists and whenever she can eat some olives.

At the enviable track record for Nadal is only by winning the Masters Cup, a milestone that could get this next week in London.
Rafa win every tournament raises that contention because it is a tremendously ambitious person at all times think about how to surpass himself and improved to achieve a higher level despite all that has won so far. I'm sure he would love to win the Masters Cup, but I do not have the enormous importance it had in days to win Wimbledon. I think it's the most glorious moment of his career.

Another notable moment was the 2004 Davis Cup, where Spain beat the U.S. with a Nadal who was the youngest of the group.
It is a very important moment because it is where released. Both Spain and is the world thought, 'Here is someone special. Megacrack Problem Child '. Rafa is special to play as a team because, in a sense, is a frustrated player. He played until he was 12 or 13 years on a computer in Manacor and it was very difficult to leave the team to devote himself exclusively to tennis. That victory over Roddick in Seville recalls with great happiness and pride.

Since taking off in the 2004, Nadal has had two big front rivals: Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.
Rafa was clear several years ago that this duopoly was with Federer Djokovic was to incorporate sooner or later. Perhaps he lacked focus, find a stable environment like the Rafa himself, and now that I have reflected on their results. As for Roger, Rafa has great respect it recognizes its sublime natural talent. They are close friends, because that place Rafa has it reserved for people of Mallorca, but a relationship of great kindness. It's very nice that two players with a sports rivalry as hard as theirs are treated as courteous and respectful. They should learn about it in other sports.

One of the passages of the book discussed is the voltage observed between Rafa and his uncle and coach Toni. How would you define that relationship?
are two people who know intimately well be family, a very close and united family, who have been together in the world of tennis 21 years and under extraordinary pressure. Friction is normal, not one, not two, but it is stupid to think that in the context in which they work all is peace, love, laughter and joy. That said I think it depends on Toni Rafa because he brings a very productive competitive tension to reach the highest level. Rafa had not been the great champion that is if it were not for the figure of Toni.

After the success it is having this biography, is there a second part written by John Carlin?
We talked about this. I think Rafa will never do anything like this (publish a book written about her) until he retires, which hopefully will for many years. If the time comes and he proposed it, I would be delighted.


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