Thursday, November 17, 2011

Joan Piqué: "Shakira as much as we love you Gerard"

The writer and entrepreneur Joan Piqué, father of the Barcelona player Gerard Pique, had his first novel 'Two Lives', among a great expectation by the presence of Barca defense and his current partner, the Colombian singer Shakira.

A trip from the Catalan engineer United States with his family, where they suffer an accident that will turn his life, the novel portrays the billionaire opaque strings that move the business at the top, a fast-paced world full of abuse, where nothing is as it seems.

The presentation exceeded all expectations, leaving the small hall of the House of Books in the heart of Barcelona.

Especially in the presence of Gerard Piqué, son of writer and Barcelona defender, as well as your partner, Shakira, and two of his fellow Barca first team, Cesc Fabregas and captain Carles Puyol.

Representatives have also approached the club, including Toni Freixa and Manel Estiarte, the wife of the president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Helena Rakosnik, and family and friends of Joan Piqué.

"I know who I am and where I come," said the writer, who devoted his literary debut especially his late father, who died "when Gerard (Pique) began to emerge in football, and I know very bad," on Shakira adding that "we love you as much as Gerard."

The book, which is already one of the best-selling fiction novels in Catalonia has been introduced by journalist Joan Basta ", recalling that it had not been for the help of the Barca defense for publishing the book," we would not have been lucky enough to enjoy it now. "


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