Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Double Sues NBA players: 6,000 million and the end of the lockout

The newly formed players association has wasted no time and has already filed two lawsuits against the NBA in two different States by the lockout and violation of anti trust law (antitrust) requesting the end of the lockout and asking 'treble damages' ( triple damages) an amount that could amount to 6,000 million dollars (three times the total wages of the players charged this season qu eno).

The NBA, which says he has not received any notification, has also moved on their own and in New York has launched a legal battle to prove that the lockout is legal. Meanwhile, officially canceled the parties until 15 December and the players continue to accumulate losses.

The players, as expected and supported by several major players have sought two courts 'friendly' historically with the various unions / associations of players such as Minnesota and California.

Anthony Tolliver (Timberwolves), Ben Gordon (Pistons), Caron Butler (free agent) and Derrick Williams (No. 2 of the last draft by the Timberwolves) have filed the lawsuit (27 pages) against the NBA and the 30 owners in Minnesota, in the eighties was in favor of the players in the NFL.

Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups (Knicks), Kevin Durant (Thunder), Leon Powe (Grizzlies) and rookie Leonard Kawhia have undertaken the same process in California. This demand is specified as early as 2007 David Stern Runi with the union and asked the players to come down from 57 to 50% in the BRI and insisted on imposing a salary cap harder.

David Boies, who represented the players and in their case against the NFL, was blunt: "No one knows how we will carry this process but I think we all want to be resolved soon. How much longer it lasts, the greater the damage suffered by the teams and players and more time will be no basketball fans "


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