Friday, November 18, 2011

De la Rosa: "Alonso was one of his best seasons"

Pedro de la Rosa said, during a ceremony attended in Madrid, Fernando Alonso became "one of his best seasons," and if I had to choose it was "with some of its outlets, such as Monza and Barcelona."

"Fernando has taken advantage of the opportunities I had and one of the most consistent with the pace and that, among other great qualities, has allowed him to achieve the results he has achieved," said Pedro de la Rosa at an event his followers in a karting track in the suburb of Arroyomolinos.

However, McLaren test driver noted that "should not detract from Vettel has shown that besides having the best car is a great driver and deserves the utmost respect." "We must be aware, in general, that the strongest teams are always going to be able to squeeze over the rules of the championship and Ferrari and Mercedes are also very strong teams and hope that you can fight them from the start of next season . In the end, good teams will be those who are ahead in 2012, "said Pedro de la Rosa.

"Now that we have to finish the season as usual to start work next year and I can not hide that it is always my dream to compete again, but be clear that I am a test pilot and in this way each year passes the same, but it is so, "he said with a certain conformism McLaren driver.

At one point there were also rumors bring up a possible return of Kimi Raikkonen at the hands of Williams, so he said that "although they are just rumors, it would be good news." "I know enough to Raikkonen and is a talented driver, of which more," he said.


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