Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nadal: "My season has been very good"

Rafael Nadal arrived on Wednesday in London, which will debut next Sunday at the Masters Cup, an event still absent from his lofty achievements. Whatever happens on English soil, the Spaniard believes that his season has been good, although he notes that knows where to raise their level to improve next year. Djokovic? A further challenge.

After three weeks of vacation, Rafa will return to the circuit at the Masters Cup which begins next Sunday. A time that the Spaniard has been used to oxygenate and train. "I have worked as a physical training aspects of the game, something I can do almost never by the calendar that we have the players," said world number 2, which seems to have shelved the shoulder problem that forced him to lessen the pace of preparation. "I've been training three days normally," said Rafa 'Radiogaceta of Sports' for RNE.

On the appointment of 'masters' Nadal said "we can not choose to have a good draw when they are the best in the world. Federer is playing phenomenal and has won the last two tournaments, Tsonga had a good end of year, and Fish , perhaps with some inconvenience, we will see as it comes. Start with one win (against American debut Rafa) is vital. " For the rest of rivals for the other group, Rafa said: "Murray comes very well to this appointment, Djokovic pulls some discomfort but has gained confidence throughout the year and is played on a surface that is right, and David has been very consistent all year. is the number 5 in the world because it has physical qualities and exceptional tennis. " Despite the proximity to the Davis Cup final, Rafa does not think that could affect their performance. "With a week of preparation is enough to make the switch to clay," he says.

Djokovic is a challenge, not an obsession
is 'wetting' when talking about how overloaded schedule. "We are the only sport we're forced to play from January 1 to December 5. Or are we together or you can not change the situation. The changes are needed. Is a 'lockout'? The situation is now living the NBA is not obviously positive and is a last resort and not think it will ever reach the courts because it does not interest any of the stakeholders. We are doomed to understand. In any negotiation can not leave everyone happy, but we must try to out at least unhappy as possible, "he says.

On his great 'coco' Djokovic, Rafa is believed that only by his great season felicilitarle and try to work to win. "The only important thing is to work and continue the illusion of always. I know more medicine than work, and overcoming illusion. I've always worked for me and the goal is to find a better level. Nor am I obsessed with it because I can just go months without that we turn to face. And he's not my only rival, I have many. Be prepared to find solutions to a team that plays as good as him, "he says.

On his relationship with his uncle and coach Toni Nadal said: "I find it hard to imagine a tennis court without him. Our relationship is excellent. Are you training for life? If he wants to, sure. But he has three children and depends on what he wants. I believe in him because all the players who have had problems in my career I been worked out. " On his 2011 season, cataloged as "very good" and "very fair" and noted that in the face of 2012 should "be stronger mentally, especially in some moments."


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