Friday, November 18, 2011

Jose Manuel Calderon 'rule' for Real Madrid

José Manuel Calderón attended the inauguration of the first Li-Ning store in Spain, where he spent over an hour to sign autographs. The Raptors player was skeptical about the possible arrival of great NBA players to Europe, believing that it will be difficult for all teams are hollow and can pay big American stars: "It would be nice to see NBA players in Spain but it is true that economic hardship is important. It is not easy, not everyone will be able to come to Spain or Europe. Those who come will have to adapt is not easy, it's like when we go to the NBA. "

When asked about the possible interest from Real Madrid, Calder 'ruled' the white team, "Real Madrid need bases?, I think we have two great player in that position and the truth is not an option because we have not handled no. Sergio Llull and are good players. They are playing well. "

The Extremadura recognized that thinks of his future if there is no season, but currently no plans to sign for any team: "You have to go looking at options but I am calm. Timeless come is something that I do not want much. "

Calderon does not care about that, because of a mass influx in the coming days, had no hole in Europe if the season is canceled, "One team will be. I do not care. We'll find something there. "


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