Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Over time Abidal is increasingly away from Barça"

The player's agent Eric Abidal delBarcelona, ​​David Venditelli, stated on Thursday that his client wants to stay at Barcelona, ​​but regretted that negotiations for the renewal will be extending more than desired, so that every time "increases the risk "that the French do not like Barca.

"We have very good relations with the club, but we have not yet found the solution to extend the contract. It is true that as time goes by increases the risk that next year is far from Barcelona, ​​Abidal," he said in a statement to COM Radio. In this regard, agreed to have rejected the latest offer from the club because he rejected Abidal's final wish, which is nothing to see him rewarded for his attitude and effort in recent years as the Blaugrana. So, do not want a bonus for games played.

"We want a permanent contract without variables. Not so much an economic issue, but rather a problem of recognition and confidence in Abidal. Although they have behaved in an exceptional way with us, we are entitled to have our ambitions and wishes for the new contract" he said.

And is that Venditelli believes that the French international has already made "concessions" and hopes that now is the club who also do. "There are two points to fix, all the duration and economic issue. In early December we have another meeting, and Abidal wants to stay in the club, you want to retire here. It is your desire," he added. Therefore, they have not listened to the teams that have called their doors. "We have received calls from more than one club interested in Abidal, but out of respect Barca have not heard any offer," he said.


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