Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A poisoned hype

The Championship of Ukraine and Poland will start on June 8, 2012, but the fate of each team in the tournament will begin to come much earlier, next December 2, when the draw of the groups of the championship at the Palais des Arts in Kiev. With 16 teams participating in the Euro already confirmed - yesterday ranked the last, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Czech Republic and Croatia - the UEFA has unveiled what is hype framed each selection on the draw. Fate may hold a very powerful group, which could be matched, for example, Spain, Germany, Portugal and France.

The draw will be marked by the condition of seeding for UEFA awards to the organizers, in this case Poland and Ukraine, which will be a hype, like Spain and the Netherlands, the last World Cup finalists to lead the ranking of national team coefficients. The composition of the first drum conditions the formation of all the others, so that the two are Germany, England, Italy and Russia. One insurance will face Spain. The hype will consist of three combined in weak theory, such as Greece, Sweden and Croatia, but also be Portugal, which, despite having to play-offs to qualify, partly as a favorite for the victory. Finally, four are in the hype, plus Denmark, Ireland and the Czech Republic, France, another senior teams. Each selection has been placed in their respective coefficient according to their hype.

Each of the groups of the Euro, which will have four teams, will consist of a selection of each drum. So, luck may hold a so-called group of death if they come paired, for example, Spain, Germany, Portugal and France, of which only the top two would go to the next stage of the competition. Similarly, Spain could be framed in a more affordable group formed by Russia, Greece and Denmark, for example. At Euro 2008, which won Spain, and there was a very powerful group formed by France, Italy, Holland and Romania. Then, Holland and Italy got their ticket for the next phase. The UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino, will be responsible for conducting the draw. On December 2, fate begin to sentencing.


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