Thursday, November 17, 2011

Carlos Moya: "I do not miss the competition"

Carlos Moya, who last year announced his retirement from top-level competition, said he always wanted to stay involved in tennis career after his retirement, something that actually makes participating in the Senior Tour and teaching future promises, among other things .

The Spaniard admitted in an interview to 'Tie-Break' to Canal + Sport that his "girl" he "takes a long time" and "too busy". However, Moya was unable to open "a gym in Palma" and join the Senior Tour, a "parallel circuit of veteran players who play it have been number one, have won a Grand Slam or played matches in the Davis and have won. " The world's No. 1 Spanish first acknowledged that "there are many ways to stay involved" in this sport, as the 'Senior' tournament which "removes the worm from the competition. The last few years were very hard, with injuries, medical X-rays, operations, rehabilitation ... but what do you like playing tennis and I was offered the opportunity to meet with these familiar faces, legends of between 35 and 42 years. It is a way to return to play against them, I played the late 90's, "he said.

On the other hand, when asked about his childhood idol, the Spaniard did not hesitate: Stefan Edberg. "Elegant, volleying up a lot, had a brutal kind, was a tennis no longer exists", reflected on the Swedish tennis game, with which Moya faced "with a lot of nerves" in the "last year" Edberg .

Since last November 16, 2010, Moya announced his retirement, he has received many tributes which grateful. "We are grateful that when one is not above one to remember. It was hard to see moments of your career, but very rewarding," he reflected. Of all the received, the Spaniard admitted that "London was spectacular in the center court of the Master, with players waiting for the honor," where his "somewhat surprised" to see Federer so excited. "It was a special moment to see that almost all the players felt that moment," said Moya.

Another of its new facets came months after he left the circuit, when he received a call from Manolo Santana team to offer the post of co-director of the Madrid Masters, in close collaboration with Santana, something the world an accepted exnúmero willingly. "They contacted me to see if he could help out with the players. In Madrid I played well, and I wanted to see again all the players and be a familiar face to them and try to help," he said about his function in the tournament in Madrid. "I loved seeing the players, but I felt miss playing, I took enough of my withdrawal. Obviously, we miss a Grand Slam final, but it's hard to get there," he said about a possible 'homesickness 'to the competition.

Currently has an ongoing Moya Tennis Club, where the Spaniard admitted himself that he wanted "to be involved, not just be an image and not seen." "I've always wanted my name was attached to quality," said the Spaniard, now a professor of young promises that every day come to train the Social Club Santo Domingo. His new project to support the tennis base, can accommodate a "150 kids", open to all "levels and ages," from "kids of three years who have not played in his life, some who want to be professional" to " who teaches older people to improve their level. " Thus, Moya admitted that aims to "convey" their "experiences" personal. "I've always liked teaching, but had never practiced," he acknowledged. "I like the children's faces when you explain something," the tennis player.


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