Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tony Parker, of "NBA Finals MVP 'a' Eurocup MVP '

French point guard Tony Parker (ASVEL Basket) had a triumphant return to European competition and in his debut against Valencia Basket embroidered it to become the best player on the day of the Championship with 40 valuation.

The basis of the Spurs led the victory (87-78) with a number that is, the first European to be named MVP of the NBA Finals (in 2007) . He scored 34 points, with 8 / 15 shooting from two, 3 / 4 triples, 9 / 10 in free, added 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

The second best performance of the day has starred causeur Fabien (Cholet Basket), 36 valuation, who has surpassed Jeremiah Massey (Lokomotiv Kuban), with 31.

Among the top five are also found Patrick Berveley (Spartak St. Petersburg, 27), and Jerome Jordan (KRKA Novo Mesto) and Oleksiy Pecherov (BC Azovmash), both with 26.

In individual statistics, Parker has led the annotation section (34 points).

In rebounds, the most prominent have been Michael Lee (Donetsk) and Massey (13 catches). The best passer was Zoran Planinic (Khimki), with 8 assists, while capping the highlights have been Mindaugas Randamie Katelyn and Sergio (GasTerra Flames) with five.


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