Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jordan, the fallen idol of the "nuclear winter"

As in his return to the NBA with the Wizards when discussing whether the new but old Jordan could still play like the old but young Jordan of the Bulls, the emergence of MJ in the lockout has also caused a strong debate.

In the middle of negotiations indicated that many players could not accept an agreement down because they had to fight for the legacy that Michael Jordan, among others, had left them and their mission was to preserve it for the youth of tomorrow. Many players on the scene looking for the owner of Jordan saying that as a former player would understand better than anyone else's position players.

We all remember his famous "Mr. Abe Pollin see if your franchise fails to be profitable, sell 'lockout in 1998 as Reggie Miller recalled recently. In addition, there was another factor to think that MJ would intercede on behalf of the players but few of those present agreed: Michael Jordan himself, along with Pat Ewing, among others, had led an ephemeral lockout in 1995 championing the option of dissolution the union as has happened now. So MJ got over 200 signatures in favor of the dissolution of the union via 'decertification' (not 'disclaimer of interest ") signed the petition although the union finally accepted the new proposal from the NBA for six seasons.

What I did not expect the majority of the players was that player who had been revered for many years and that their rooms had chaired a poster were to lead the hardliners of the owners. MJ did not talk too much . These say that not even opened his mouth at the meeting with the players, precisely to avoid an awkward rebuke. Jordan knew he was waiting and the minimum they were going to drop this "look Mr. Jordan, as you once said Abe Pollin, sell the franchise if he is unable to make it profitable." The owner Jordan wore short during those meetings and made ​​a bend to the union as if it was Bryon Russell in the final 98. He did not open his mouth. But he told the other owners what they had to hear, offer a 50-50 in the BRI and do not move there.

He broke a myth for many. As with his return in 2001 with the Wizards, Abe Pollin, that against which he had loaded a couple of years before the meetings of the lockout and then hired him as general manager before re-dressing of player. The shock was such that some, like Stephon Marbury did not hesitate to lash out at his former idol ensuring that "sold us" , Klay Thompson has called "hypocritical" to MJ and others like Nick Young has called for a boycott of the Jordan product line look curiously some of the great NBA stars like Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul.

Now the big question is how will the image of Michael Jordan to the general public knowing that it has led the radical wing of the owners. Few have understood its turnaround from player to owner except Metta World Peace. Your legacy will be affected by this lockout?


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