Friday, November 18, 2011

Albert Pujols is far from re-sign with Cardinals

CORAL GABLES, FLA. (VIP-WIRE) .- "Widows are women very happy, because I always know where their husbands" ... The Pimpi .- -oooo- ** and Adorno that little town called New York with colors and Christmas music. Also see here in Coral Gables and in other corners of Miami, a city blessed by getting involved in the festivities this year end, with red and green more sweet and cheerful notes of violins and peladrines. Nothing I say or write to me know me bitter. Everything is sweet like nougat December.

Albert Pujols and the Cardinals are further away from a contract that Leopoldo López and Hugo Chavez a hug. A public relations officer of the team said it was "inmitente a negotiation." Then top executives were quick to deny it. What things have life! But here in Miami, the Marlins say that after signing Jose Reyes go for Pujols and Mark Buehrle . And I just whisper that Hanley Ramirez did not want to move from shortstop to third base to give the position to Joseph, his fellow Dominican. Dawn and see. SUGGEST to the Mexican League Summer and Winter Leagues four, re-schedule their activities, to amend the regulations to suit the demands of these times of global crisis. There is no alternative. Is full of sacrifice this life.

"The greatest threat of death, is to be alive" ... The Pimpi . TERRY Francona (former Red Sox), said he hopes to direct in the majors in 2012, after the Cardinals threw him aside. "Maybe later," Terry said. IN MILWAUKEE, general managers, held a sort of spring trainning in Convcención, with the view to the Winter Rally in Dallas, from Monday, December 5. There will be signed the largest ... Pirates THE nobody says anything. Not even the Pittsburgh Press. However, they are not willing to lose the good experience of the 2011 season, so try to put together a young roster and inexpensive, but valuable. They might be surprised again next year.

The Mets seem for now, the only team with no chance in the 2012 NL East Division. But prepare to celebrate the best 50 years of activities. I remember April 1962 when they played for the first time. It was at the Polo Grounds, the first of three stages that have been used as home-club, followed by Shea Stadium and Citi Field. THIS time the opening in Flushing is with the Braves on April 5 visit. And at Yankee Stadium, the Yankees will open April 13 when they will be visited by the Angels, after series in Tampa Bay and Baltimore. "No days bigamous, because each has a single night." .. The Pimpi .- Thanks to life that has given me so much, even a reader like you ...


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