Thursday, November 17, 2011

Albiol: "We show the team that gives"

Raul Albiol starred in the interview that airs Thursday Real Madrid TV. The game highlights the international headquarters is deploying all white: "We are the team that gives sight. It looks like people enjoy every game. This year we are better, we have improved many aspects. We can give much performance and achieve our objectives . We are in the right direction. "

The Valencian stressed the virtues of his team: "In a few touches the team is able to score and create chances. That's what people want, we attack and play the attack. We are the team more vertical the world."

Albiol Mestalla live in a very special day. "I am Valencian and I grew up in that school. In recent years we have been given and hopefully it will repeat on Saturday. They managed to win a Cup many years ago did not win, against a great opponent like Barcelona."

He highlighted the key issues that the team should deploy in Valencia to take all three points: "We are more compact and strong. In defense and attack. We have improved many aspects. Also in mentality. The team knows that last year we lost important points in the league and this year will not be repeated. "

Despite not starting, praised Mourinho: "We have been winning character, mentality, strength, stretched to the limit and know that you can not relax for a minute. If it yields other is charged batteries. It makes the employees are prepared, all at a good level. We knew the great coach who is but every day it shows more. Hopefully this year we get the titles we want. "


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