Friday, November 18, 2011

Ambush in hostile territory

Any past was better. Win a Cup, offering a striking recital with a 3-6 offensive ... are recent memories that Madrid want to revive in his visit to Mestalla. However, the observed che consciousness this week, it seems that Valencia prepares a real trap in the city of Valencia. A decisive battle in which Mou team will extinguish the flame of vengeance. The first test for the best version merengue.

Emery, soldier, Manuel Llorente and other players in the Valencian team have demonstrated the awareness that exists for the game against the leader throughout the week. Pressure, aggression, strength and character are key elements of this sport than obvious in Valencia last visit to Mestalla white. Now, all calls to these values ​​ché as unquestionable arguments Mourinho cause the bite the dust.

They will need that and something else to do against the best Madrid since Mourinho takes the bench merengue. A scoring machine, in evident progress in terms of aesthetics in his game and with justified confidence in numbers that scare anyone. What's more, go to Mestalla for whites has become, in recent times, a journey of pleasure and debauchery.

But this time the forecasts are not talking about a sunny day and calm at the White House. The forecast points to a stormy night with the highly charged atmosphere. It's time to check the strength of merengue umbrella , used to dealing with small showers in the first third of the championship.

Without Kaka and Marcelo Carvalho but Cristiano Ronaldo and available - does anyone doubt that the Portuguese play? - Mourinho arises Benzema and Higuain put in up front. This situation certainly not the first time that there would be at the Mestalla.

Aduriz or Jonas
Doubts on the front will also Emery, still not clear who will join Soldier in attack if Aduriz or Jonas. With the absence of Banega, Canales, Ricardo Maduro and Costa, Valencia coach to give the compass ché Tino Costa and security by binomial Alba left wing Mathieu, resource always used in big games.

It will be the perfect thermometer to measure the temperature of the Valencia, determined to become a real alternative to the two large, and the right bar to check the actual ability to jump all white, far enough to overcome any obstacle. While all, so far, with a height below the Mestalla.


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