Friday, November 18, 2011

Unicaja and Paul Pierce want to CAI

Paul Pierce, MVP of the NBA Finals in 2008 against the Celtics and one of the biggest stars of the Celtics today, is in the orbit of Unicaja Malaga and Zaragoza CAI has been advanced by Paco Garcia Charity Radio Marca.

'The Truth', which has been one of the top leaders to dissolve the players' union and sue the owners for violating antitrust law, has expressed its agents desire to play overseas during the lockout and has been interested especially to play in Spain.

So, Unicaja and CAI Zaragoza were the first club to make a move facing the possible signing of Paul Pierce has a large contract with the Celtics (15.3 million this season, the next 16.8 million and 15 , 3 in 2013-14, according Hoopshype). The operation, of course, would require a large safe in the event of possible injury.


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