Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thiago wants to double with the European Championships and the Olympics

The Spanish midfielder Thiago Alcántara Barcelona and has said it is willing to play for the Spanish national and the next European Championship Under-21 Olympic Games in London, has said it can not choose between the two events nor between the teams.

"It's like who do you want more of your father or your mother?" Said Thiago, who is likely to contest the two tournaments, "With our clubs play two games per week. How could it not be possible to play in two months different ".

The Hispanic-Brazilian player, present in the latest list of Vicente del Bosque, is back in the last call to the sub-21. However, he does not feel that this is by no means a step backwards.

"I do not imply any lack of motivation down to the sub-21. On the contrary, it motivates me and makes me happy, because there I have the honor to play with peers with whom I've played since I was fifteen," he explained.

Thiago has admitted, however, to play with the absolute "is a gift ever" and that a call to contest the upcoming European Championship in Poland and Ukraine would make "very happy".

The friendly
perhaps because it also feels more in combined Del Bosque has come out in defense of his comrades of the Red, heavily criticized after the defeat against England (1-0) and especially by the feeble tie against Costa Rica (2-2) in the two friendlies last year.

"The first match against England has seen the level that these players have when facing big teams, although they end up losing. Contra Costa Rica the time difference was very large, came from a long trip and they were tired," he argued.

On the other hand, Thiago Alcántara has been dropped in praise for his brother, Barca also Rafa Rafinha 'Alcantara, who recently debuted with the first team in the Copa del Rey to the contract Hospitalet and ending on 30 June.

"I know him since the day he was born, I followed all the steps of his life and I know it's a great player and a great person. Neither you nor I know where your roof," said Thiago at a news conference before training this afternoon.

At 18 years, Rafinha has become one of the most promising of the youth squad. His father, former player Mazinho, and is negotiating its renewal with the club and the player himself said recently that negotiations were well advanced continuity.

Today, his brother Thiago has sent a new message of reassurance: "You, the press, are those who have made Rafinha in the orbit of Real Madrid. He is happy here and that we propose nor us."


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