Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo greets Europe

Cristiano Ronaldo fired Bosnia and waved to Europe. Sometimes accused of abating in the quotes signify demanding and not with the sheepskin of Portugal, the front whenever it came to reclaim their country, in a final match against Bosnia. Key, as usual in any League game and the Champions , their terrible sting. Two goals, one missing and one with an unstoppable race to dismantle the rival team to qualify for the machine , which eventually feasted with six certified networks and their safe passage to Euro 2012.

Portugal is anything but a universal center forward, drag that dragged on for too long and that has given him more of a shock, unable to tap the plays, to put the link to your game so characteristic and from the sides. Before Bosnia, the team was a whirlwind Luso, usually deep from the wings, almost never efficient in the definition, beyond the inspiration of the beam shots. Dizzying game, career, without much elaboration and comfortable on the counterattack.

Poison weapons. Attached and catapulted by the players of Real Madrid, Portugal depersonalized to Bosnia. Pepe was in the rear, without too many algorithms to get the ball play, which closed behind sensational in the task of drying Dzeko, Manchester City striker, who blushed at the same Rami (Valencia) in the Stade de Paris France. Coentrão was so brazen as impulsive, validated because Christian pulled and dragged into the half behind rival, who ate a bite left side, with twists, zigzags and schools. And it was the CR itself which moves stubbornly resolve in putting an end to all those balls came in conditions which were not many at the beginning of the duel, but enough to belittle the contrary, unrecognizable team Da Luz, troubled before competing. Thus, two balls hanging the magnificent area without corsets Coentrão-defensive-finished in two auctions of 7. The first target, the second set to stick, just spit out by the goalkeeper.

But Portugal had a burning Christian and that is enough to knock down any barrier. Not even a lack of 35 meters was an obstacle. Three steps back, gunslinger pose of western and bang to follow, that caught the goalkeeper misplaced, impossible to recover the site. Gol. Even more beautiful was the target of Nani, who was in the area of three quarters, turned, looked up and threw a shell that rose and seemed to rebound with power lines down like lightning because, to the point that the camera did not have time to catch the flight. Nor is the goal, of course.

Coentrão, in a defensive jump volleyball because it did up-arm, season the match with a penalty absurd. Gap to close somewhat, a goal that Cristiano reverted to take a pass from the hollow Moutinho. Backlash, dribble the goalkeeper, shot and double whammy because Lulic is heated the body and mouth, mostly because their protest culminated in a kick that seemed to be definitive. It was not because the referee Stark Pepe who drove by the entrance to the classic Alves from the previous year, decided to disregard an offside goal that ended in Spahic. It was, in any case, a mirage, the end of Bosnia, which broke out in search of a goal that never came. At least in the goal they sought, because Portugal, effervescent, also dissociated and signed another three goals, two of Postiga, successful striker in the task of selecting both claims, and Veloso, in a free kick with such delicacy and precision . Europe was the feast of Portugal, the Christian greeting.

Euro will also be in Ireland, who drew against Estonia (1-1 and 5-1 on aggregate) and the Czech Republic, who beat Montenegro (1-0 and 3-0 on aggregate). Croatia also tied with Turkey (0-0) and exceeded the total (3-0).


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