Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Billy Hunter will continue to collect 2.5 million players

The executive director of the players' union is in the crosshairs of owners and players. Billy Hunter has not gotten a fair deal for the players , yet will continue to grow the union. The lawyer has been criticized by several players.

In June, Shane Battier told a union meeting if Hunter was going to give up his salary, as did DeMaurice Smith, the same name by Hunter in the NFL. Hunter has continued to receive their salary from the players during the negotiations, and will continue despite the dissolution of the union.

The agents are not all satisfied with the management of Hunter. Since starting the 'lockout' were the first to request the dissolution of the union. Some players like Deron Williams, he was recalled just after the 'Disclaimer of interest' . Hunter relied on negotiation and agreement by the time he has not succeeded.

With this background and despite the failure of the meeting table, Hunter has secured its position in the new 'organization' which replaces the union. His experience as a lawyer is the main guarantee, although the new 'trade association' has hired two of the best lawyers related to sport. According to Yahoo, Billy Hunter will continue to collect $ 2.5 million a year, something that many players criticize.


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