Thursday, November 17, 2011

Angel Torres: "There is no possibility that Guti come to Getafe"

The rumor that Guti would be of interest to Getafe for next winter signings market spread like wildfire during the Wednesday after the previous day rescind his contract with Besiktas.

The messages and information about his possible arrival at the club filled Mallard social networks. Some came to ensure that the contacts were accelerating, others spoke of meetings or that the agreement between the parties was imminent.

The club does not have any record of interest in former Real Madrid player. "Is the day of the Holy Innocents? Do not know where is the issue" was the official version.

Also ruled out the existence of a firm offering the player's representative, Juanma Lopez, who takes the affairs of several members of the campus, Casquero cases, Colunga and Ruben Perez.

Minutes later, Pedro Rios touched him appear before the media: "Guti on any team in Spain and the world is good. With the quality you have and treasure the experience is a player who does not despise any team. I would delighted, "said Jerez.

Missing another piece in the puzzle Mallard. The Angel Torres. Getafe president nipped in the bud the possible arrival of blonde Torrejón. "There is no possibility that Getafe Guti come," said Marco.

Torres is clear about the needs of the team for the winter market. "We have 27 players and some will leave," said the matter.

Luis Garcia, technical Mallard, and said on Tuesday that Guti was not in his plans ahead of market opening winter signings: "We did not consider anything. We have the best," said the coach in a talk by Master BRAND Sports Journalism.


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