Friday, November 18, 2011

A fight for Gaulish

Rami Benzema and maintain an excellent relationship by concentrating on sharing with the French. Indeed, they have been together this past week and have had time to talk about the Valencia-Real Madrid on Saturday. Benzema returns to Mestalla, a field that is not given anything wrong. In its first year gave two assists to Higuain, the best match with Pellegrini. And in the win last year was somewhat of six of his team.

Madrid striker knows that this year his friend Rami will not be so easy. "Adil is a good friend off the field, but inside is very strong, very hard to beat. Little by little is being integrated into the selection. He likes to joke and we talked about the game. But give me war depends on the game . I'll try. "

Benzema is in a state dramatically with 6 league goals in 479 minutes spread over 9 games. It is not surprising that Rami rather not have in front of his compatriot: "I prefer face to Higuain. I know a while Karim and me is one of the best strikers in the world.'s Very smart, and in front of the goal is very effective also. Higuain is a good striker, but I prefer not to face Benzema. "


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