Friday, November 18, 2011

JC Chavez is worried about the first defense of his son

HOUSTON - Julio César Chávez González , Mexican boxing icon, believes that there is no exposure of the championship more complicated than the first. "I am concerned, as in each of the fights of my son. The first defense is hard because you try to look and not be a champion a champion bunch ephemeral " he told fans Mexican former world champion. On Saturday, world champion Mean WBC, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. , will present the world title against American Peter Manfredo Jr. Reliant Arena in Houston, Texas. The son of former world champion, who won the title last June by winning a majority decision the German Sebastian Zbik in Los Angeles. "This will be a tough fight, because I hope to seek Manfredo fight, the best of it. I am looking to consolidate my reign and this is the opportunity, " said Junior, who said his advantage to this lawsuit is the fact that Manfredo looking for a fight and has no good defense. Today both fighters are submitted to the weigh to the Junior will be presented better than ever, as a methodical work led him to not have problems with weight.


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