Friday, November 18, 2011

Guardiola: "Do you want Messi does not play?"

A Pep Guardiola was asked again and again if you think that Leo Messi should rest against Zaragoza: "Do you want Messi does not play?" He replied to reporters after making it clear that "is able to play 90 minutes" .

He would not clarify whether Leo Messi will start against Real Zaragoza, but made clear that the decision is yours and not the player: "That play or not I decide. The coach called and decide from there depending on what you feel. Messi is ready to play and hold for 90 minutes. "

Barca coach added: "It is true that like to participate. In his life he filled the game. It has a very quiet life and family. Football is what fills. It is able. Tomorrow we will see the team do. I have some doubt that I will draw players in terms of what I expect from Zaragoza. "

Guardiola spoke about the Barca youth policy and Madrid. "Madrid is a competitive team and always will be. We have shorter templates and we have to rely on our homegrown. Basin has provided a good response and is because he has won."

About "The difference is seven or eight hours. It is best to arrive before. When we say we will. Depends on the TV," he replies Classic on schedule and the trip to Japan.


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